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Posted: Monday, May 15, 2017 11:16 AM


All women are a divorce just waiting to happen! And that is the biggest reason to flee from them. American divorce rates are more than 50 percent, roughly 9 out of every 10 divorces are perpetrated by the woman, the majority of divorces in America are over financial (money) reasons; either he lost his job (laid off, fired, etc), his pay got cut, or she even met a man with more money and even a more "bad boy" personality. In America, divorce is only a drop in or loss of the man's income away, and it is also a matter of her meeting a man who has that big fat present year Ferrari or even a stolen stretch limousine, that gigantic mansion, that cabin cruiser, and the financial ability to take her on an ocean cruise every 3 months. Plus a man with a gangsta-thug/serial killer personality. It is no wonder American women are even known to go visit prisons to meet and marry prison inmates!

All women hate nice guys! All women hate the Good Lord Jesus Christ! All women are married to Satan the devil! Literally married to the scary demon guy wearing black and red with horns and a pitchfork. Today's generation of younger women especially want violent, terrorist type guys with train loads of money! A few women may come across as friendly and loving at first, but if you marry her, things will take a nosedive immediately, and before you know it, she'll be filing those divorce papers right behind your back! And according to scripture, any woman who divorces her husband for any reason at all, even if she goes off and has sexual relations (fornication) with gangsters, thugs, killers, terrorists, etc, still causes her husband to become an adulterer and if he marries another woman, his new marriage is a continuous, nonstop state of adultery. And the Bible says that adulterers will have their place in the lake of fire. In that kind of situation, the man has two options; remain single and live in misery for the rest of his life, or publicly broadcast his ex wife as an adulterer even if it means him getting the chair for it. Either way, getting divorced by a woman means an abrupt termination of the man's useful Earthly life. It is no wonder many guys often commit suicide (which is also a sin) after getting divorced. And his ex-wife only thinks; "Good riddance! One less piece of trash wasting my oxygen!"

And here's more! Deep down, over 99 percent of women are lesbian! Yes, you read correctly! Lesbian! On the outside, they may look straight when they hang out with guys, but deep down they are lesbians and it shows when the guy leaves, and she says nothing negative about it. Instead, she is even happier without guys near her! That means, if every single guy were to suddenly leave America en masse until only the women were left, no less than 95 percent of America would erupt in thunderous partying and lesbian orgies.

So guys, you're much better off marrying a man. You can still have children of your own with another man either by copulation or both of you guys can send your sperm to a biomedical company and ask them to use the DNA from both men to make a male child and it will be a test tube baby. In this day and age we don't need women to make a child as there's so many companies out there will make a baby out of DNA strands, just research Scientists claim they can now make babies without female eggs on the internet. For example, gay couples would be able to create a child who has the DNA of one half of each of them but they wouldn't need a woman to carry the child as many electronic machines can simulate a pregnant woman and supply donated blood to the unborn child. It's also 100% possible that a man could have his own child with his own sperm and cells without having sex with a woman and the child would be akin to a non-identical twin. All that's needed to make life is the strains of genetic material which is composed of various acids. We came into existence from the beginning because of multiple acids as a result of volcanic eruptions, meteors hitting the earth's surface, water carrying bacteria and flammable gas exploding. To make water, there has to be an explosion in the presence of oxygen and hydrogen, that's why water vapor comes out of the exhaust pipe of your cars because the catalytic converter burns off harmful substances in gasoline and the hydrogen in gasoline mixing with the oxygen from the air creates water after it contacted the burning platinum and palladium in the catalytic converter. Therefore life can be created out of a firey explosion. The other option is to adopt a boy only since they're easier to raise than girls.

I am striving with companies to promote this device that will take genetic material from the sperm of two different men and fuse them together and make a male baby. You see we don't need women to make children because we're favored by God but since God hates women, 2 different women can't make a baby. Only 2 men can make a baby. You know fatherless children grow up to be failures by becoming prison inmates, homeless bums, gang members, mental patients in psychiatric wards, special ed students and adults with poor work ethic constantly being terminated. Fatherless children grow up poorer than children of both parents, abuse drugs and alcohol, end up in foster homes and being arrested and classified as delinquents. Motherless children excel in life. You see the problems in life will be eliminated by having no women in your life. We have computers and machines that can make children without a woman involved so we don't need women. We men can rejoice once women are extinct and us men will live on for thousands of years after that. This way you men don't have to worry about your wife or girlfriend having someone else's child and making you raise him or her. The computer will combine sperm from both men to make a baby so it's guaranteed to be his.

This is not a hoax. 2 men can really make a baby without female eggs.

The nice thing about using a computer to make a baby in a test tube is the electricity in the computer aided by software will check the DNA of both men's sperm and delete imperfections in the DNA and go on the internet and find perfect strands of DNA and program the sperm in making such baby to eliminate birth defects, mental retardation and physical handicaps like autism, paralysis, health problems like diabetes and heart disease to social impairment.

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